ICAF – vörur

    ICAF or MGPS for Box coolers – Box coolers are always potential fouling victims. Barnacles, mussels, algae and other types of shellfish grow on the box cooler and therefore affect its heat transfer function. Vessels operating in coastal waters run the greatest risk. Our Impressed Current Anti-fouling (ICAF) system or Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) Will guarantee the effective prevention of this type of fouling.

    The operating principle is based on an artificially triggered voltage difference between the copper anodes and integrated steel plate cathodes. As the copper dissolves into the seawater, an environment is created precluding fouling and protecting the box coolers. The power unit of the system ensures that the copper anodes add the exactly required amount of copper particles to the seawater. Perfect protection is guaranteed under all conditions and the amount of dissolved copper is minimized to prolong the service life of the anodes.