ICCP – vörur

    An Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system from CORROSION, which utilizes the principle of shifting the natural potential of metals, protects your vessel durably and effectively against corrosion. This ICCP system provides vessels with all-round protection, including the protection for the propulsion and rudder systems.

    All the submerged metal parts of the vessel with the damage or ageing of coatings are effectively protected by our ICCP system. A clear indication of your coating’s condition will be shown on our touch screen. All data can be downloaded to an external computer and transferred by Internet for checking. System adjustments can also be made via the same procedure by uploading.
    Our ICCP system offers many additional benefits compared with sacrificial anodes, such as far cheaper to operate in the long-term, almost maintenance free and long Service life (25 years). We deliver and design not only complete ICCP systems, but also sacrificial anodes and all spare parts according to your specifications.