Mekanord – vörur

    ME Production is a specialist on marine gearboxes. Our marine gearbox range covers a power range from 150 KW to 6000 KW and includes specialties such as:

    • 2-step gearboxes making reduction ratios above 10:1 possible
    • Twin-in and single-out gearboxes
    • Gearboxes with horizontal offset
    • Gearboxes prepared for OD-systems
    • Co-axial gearboxes
    • Compact gearboxes for high speed vessels
    • Gearboxes with extra long servo stroke to obtain feathering propeller
    • Step-up front gearboxes for PTO applications

    Please download our Marine Gearbox leaflets here for a full view of our capabilities. Furthermore, you can download our selection guide in a english and a Chinese version.